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As a New Zealand immigration company we are constantly bombarded with weird and wonderful questions about the country, for example:

  • Can we get English beer there?
  • Are there homeopaths there?
  • What is the weather like?

  • Despite the fact that we have a question and answer facility on our website, it is impossible to answer all questions adequately.

    We have therefore come up with this e-book which we think will act as an extremely helpful guide to prospective immigrants to this beautiful country.

    We will attempt to provide you, as a prospective immigrant, with a general overview of New Zealand as a vibrant, modern, economically successful country with many opportunities for new settlers.

    Be aware of strange questions which potential employers will ask you, for example, “Do you have New Zealand experience in… driving trucks, writing up books, working in a bakery? etc.” This question is quite ridiculous because you are looking for Your FIRST JOB here. You need to have a polite answer, however!

    Bear in mind that all Kiwis have a strong culture that promotes equality for all residents on political, ethnic and social grounds. In addition, New Zealand is a welfare state where all citizens are taken care of from the cradle to the grave, medically and economically.

    The local people do not take kindly to a whole host of new immigrants taking over their country and imposing their culture and/or free thinking on them. It is therefore important for you to ask your potential employer about their specific “employee culture” so that you can adapt to their lifestyle rather than the other way round.

    Although the main language is English, there are some expressions used by the locals that are quite distinctive, for example, “Number 8 wire” is originally a farming term, whereas today its use is widespread and means that anything can be fixed using number 8 fencing wire. “Sweet as” or “choice” means “cool” or “that’s good”. When someone says they will “shout” you to lunch, it does not mean that they will give you a call for a lunch date; it means that he will pay for the meal.

    Immigration has been part of New Zealand’s heritage since 1840. Most settlers came from the UK and in the 1950’s many people came from Holland and Dalmatia (a part of Yugoslavia) and Czechoslovakia, getting involved mainly in farming activities. In addition, during the 1970’s and 80’s there was a large influx of Polynesians in order to meet the demand for fruit-picking and factory labour.

    In the 1990’s a new breed of immigrant flooded the shores of New Zealand. People from Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan started arriving in their droves. Jointly known as “Asians” the Government has encouraged their presence here especially as students. At its peak there where 72,000 Asian students living in Auckland alone. This figure has leveled off to about 25,000 students per annum.

    Foreign students pay higher study fees than local Kiwis or people with permanent residence. The Asians seem to enjoy the city and some developers have built tiny apartments catering for the Asian market.

    We would appreciate any feedback from anyone who is reading this document. If we have missed anything, or if we can clarify any specific topics in order to assist new settlers, please let us know. Any move to a new country is traumatic, so let us help you fit into this multicultural and diverse country as painlessly as possible.

    You will find the weather here quite agreeable, the people warm and friendly, the environment extremely safe and crime free and the lifestyle as modern and technologically advanced as any major Western city.

    Successful Immigrating!

    Peter Woodberg
    Managing Director
    North Shore Immigration Ltd
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