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All migrants are driven by the vision of a new life. Here, we look briefly at how some have realised their vision. The migrants profiled come from all backgrounds and walks of life. Some are recent residents; others have lived here for many years; some, as the children of migrants, came here as teenagers. The range of occupations is equally diverse. Some are well established professionals; others run their own businesses; some are just starting out in their careers. All are now New Zealanders. We hope these shared reflections on life and living may help you also settle in your new home - to 'live and breathe' in a new and vibrant land.


When South African Tremayne Cornish sets his face against the sting of the winter surf, he's got purpose. "Purpose was what our migration to New Zealand was all about. We wanted to give our children a safe future. And that's what we've got - there's a real sense of community here.
"With relatives in Australia and Canada we could have immigrated to either country. But with the strong rugby links between our countries - as a schoolboy I met Colin Meads and I’ll never forget it - New Zealand always had special appeal. We made the right choice. Settling in was remarkably easy and we're proud to be Kiwis now. Life's good here and our children have a great future to share."


At the end of the day there's usually some time for a little light jazz.
At least that's how Indian migrant, Ashok Sharma sees it. As a cardiothoracic surgeon with an international reputation, Ashok could live anywhere in the world. He chose to live in New Zealand.
"It's really a quality of life issue. This is a good country to live in. We like the informal way of life and the great open spaces. We've enjoyed raising our children here. They are both at university and doing well."


In the rolling valleys north of Auckland, Annatjie and Willie Steenkamp have created a little bit of home. On the seven acres of land around their Cape-Dutch style homestead grow row upon row of proteas - South Africa's national flower.
A dentist by profession, Willie first thought of growing proteas for export as a retirement scheme and a hobby. Planting started with over 2,000 protea and leucadendron plants of several varieties. "We planned to start it slowly. However, it was so exciting and had so much potential that it just took off with a huge bang."
Shortly, they will be adding another thousand new plants and concentrating on Annatjie's favourite plant, Silver Tree. The couple see real export potential for the variety in America, Europe and Japan but, with a three-year growing period, this is still some time off.
Meanwhile, with strong support from local flower growers, Annatjie is concentrating on developing local markets.

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