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Entrepreneur Visa New Zealand

If you have been working in New Zealand for the last two years, time during which you have:

  • Established a successful business or
  • Entered into a partnership with a NZ person (no less than 25%) or
  • Purchased a business or a franchise business or
  • Have been self-employed in New Zealand (for at least 2 years)

  • then your permanent residence would usually be approved, provided you can show that your business has a proven track record and is at the same time of benefit to New Zealand (please see bellow the benefit criteria).The net profit from the business must be considered to be of sufficient income to support you and your family.

    Criteria for Business Benefiting New Zealand

    A business may be considered to benefit NZ if it promotes NZ's economic growth. For example:

  • Introducing new, or enhancing existing technology, management or technical skills or Introducing new, or enhancing
  • existing products or services or
  • Creating new or enhancing existing NZ export markets or
  • Creating employment (other than for the principal applicant) or
  • Revitalizing an existing NZ business and
  • The business is trading profitably at the time the application is made or clearly has the potential to be trading profitably within 12 months after the application is made.

  • Good Employer Provisions

    Where an applicant has established a business or made a substantial investment in a business that employs staff in New Zealand, that business must comply with all relevant employment and immigration law in force in New Zealand. Compliance with relevant employment and immigration laws include but is not limited to:

  • Paying employees no less than the appropriate adult or youth minimum wage or other contracted industry standard and
  • Meeting holiday and special leave requirements or other minimum statutory criteria, e.g. occupational safety and health obligations and
  • Only employing people who have authority to work in NZ

  • English Language Requirement

    Principal applicants are expected to meet the minimum standard of English or IELTS band 4 average. Spouses or partners can purchase the Pre-purchase English ESOL tuition.

    Dependent Children

    Dependent children are able to study at State Schools without the need to pay ‘foreign student fees’ during the time that the business is being established on the 3 year Long Term Business Visa.

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