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Family Visa New Zealand

For applicants who have family links to New Zealand​ with a New Zealand Citizen or Resident and who is able to sponsor them (conditions apply). Australian citizen may also be considered to be eligible sponsors, under some of the Family Categories.
At present the following Family Categories are in place:

Partnership Category

This category applies to applicants who are either married to or living in a "de-facto" relationship -akin to a marriage- for at least 12 months -immediately prior to lodging the application- with a NZ citizen/resident (or an Australian citizen that has his/her primary place of residence in NZ) and who is eligible to sponsor the applicant. It is utmost important that the applicant is able to demonstrate the partnership is genuine and stable, and likely to endure.

Dependent Children

This category applies to children of NZ residents/citizen who are:

  • aged up to 24 years of age, with no child(ren) of their own; and
  • single; and
  • totally or substantially reliant on an adult (whether their parent or not) for financial support, whether they live with them or not; and
  • their parent(s) is lawfully and permanently in New Zealand

  • Parent

    This category has been re-structured back in July 2012 and now operates under a "two tiered system".
    Applicants under the Parent Category "Tier 1" must meet one of the following requirements:

  • have a sponsor (and, if applicable, that sponsor’s partner) who meets a minimum annual income level for tier one, or
  • have a sufficient guaranteed lifetime minimum income, or
  • bring sufficient settlement funds to New Zealand

  • Applicants under the Parent Category "Tier 2" must meet all of the following requirements:

  • they have a sponsor (and, if applicable, that sponsor’s partner) who meets a minimum income for tier two, and
  • the applicants’ other adult children (if any) live lawfully and permanently outside the country in which the applicant lives lawfully and permanently

  • Parent Retirement This category applies to parents who wish to bring to New Zealand funds and/or assets equivalent in value to at least NZ$1 million and undertake to invest them in New Zealand for a period of four years, and:

  • demonstrate ownership of these funds and/or assets and that they have been legally earned or acquired; and
  • transfer and place the funds in an "acceptable" investment (conditions apply) and
  • nominate NZ$0.5 million of settlement funds and demonstrate ownership of these funds and/or assets; and
  • demonstrate an annual income of at least NZ$60,000; and
  • meet the Family requirements as set out in the current policy
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