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Skilled Migrant Visa New Zealand

Want to know if you have a good potential to gain NZ Residence?

The current policy began on 15 December 2003.

Our Free Residence Assessment is designed to assess your suitability for Permanent Residence in New Zealand, using the criteria set by the New Zealand Immigration Department. Once you have submitted the assessment, we will contact you within 5 working days.


Principal applicants are expected to meet the minimum standard of English OR IELTS (General Module) band 6.5 average. Spouses or partners and dependants over 16 years old can meet the minimum requirements by achieving an IELTS report of band 5, or pre-purchase English ESOL tuition if their IELTS report is less than band 5. As well, if points are to be awarded for spouse or partner, then they also must meet English Language requirement of IELTS (General Module) band 6.5.

Jobs in New Zealand

We are working with several Job Search and Recruitment Companies, for the purpose of assisting our clients who are genuine migrants and are able to come to NZ and to obtain a relevant job offer from a NZ Employer.

To be able to Register your Expression of Interest for gaining entry to the pool for permanent residence, you must be able to score 100 points. It is still important to score as many points as possible from the following factors: Qualifications, NZ Qualifications, work experience, NZ work experience, Age, Spouse Qualifications, Skilled job offer, Skilled job offer outside Auckland, Job in an occupation listed in the absolute skills shortage area.

Careful planning at this stage is required as the information that you put forward is critical and you will be expected to produce the evidence later. Remember, the better your English ability, the better chance of gaining a NZ job offer.

These applications will be assessed by the Immigration Department who will then invite the highest quality applicants [from the pool] to lodge an application for residence.

Direct Residence The applicants' ability to settle and score the highest points will be looked at favourably for residence. Alternatively, if the Immigration Department decide that the applicant needs to have more time to settle then up to a 2 year work permit is issued with view to Residence being obtained later.

POINTS you may gain towards NZ RESIDENCY:


  • Basic Qualifications (e.g. Trade Qualification, Diploma, Bachelors Degree or Bachelors Degree with Honours) - 50 points
  • Qualifications post-graduate (Masters or Doctorate) - 55 points
  • NZ Qualifications 2 years study - 5 bonus points
  • NZ Qualifications (e.g. trade qualification, diploma, Bachelors Degree or Bachelors Degree with Honours) - 5 bonus points
  • NZ Qualifications post-graduate (Masters or Doctorate) - 10 bonus points
  • Qualifications in an identified future growth areas (Biotechnology, ICT & Creative industries) or area of absolute skill shortage - 10 bonus points
  • Qualifications of spouse / partner - 20 bonus points

  • WORK EXPERIENCE: 10 - 30 points

  • NZ work experience: 5 - 15 bonus points
  • NZ work experience in an identified future growth area or absolute skills shortage area: 10 - 15 bonus points

  • EMPLOYMENT: 50 - 60 points

  • NZ current employment for minimum of 12 months 50 points
  • NZ Job Offer or current NZ employment (less than 12 months) - 60 points
  • NZ Job offer outside Auckland, or in an identified future growth area, or in an area of absolute skill shortage - 10 bonus points
  • NZ Job offer for spouse or partner - 20 bonus points [Please note: spouse or partner must meet English Language requirements]

  • AGE: 5 - 30 points [min. 20 yrs old - max. 55 years old]

    Close family living in New Zealand - 10 points


    Please note that most qualifications will generally need an assessment done by the Qualifications Authority, before the NZ Immigration Department will accept the application and award any points. There are several steps to go through before being able to lodge an application for Expression of Interest to gain NZ residence.

    Work Experience [If you do not have a job offer]

    Your work experience will only qualify for points if it was gained in a comparable labour market. Immigration NZ recognises the following countries as having a comparable labour market to New Zealand:

    Australia, Austria, Belgium-Luxembourg, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Republic of South Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

    If your work experience was gained in a country that is not listed, we will only be able to count this if you were working for a multi-national commercial entity domiciled in one of the countries on the list above AND you are a permanent resident of that country.

    Established 21 years ago on the North Shore of Auckland city, NSIS is one of the leaders in the immigration field in New Zealand They have a sound reputation as providers of highly personalised service and assistance in all aspects of immigrating and relocating to New Zealand, and especially in residence applications
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