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Dear North Shore Immigration,

Firstly, I need to give thanks to people who helped me to get my New Zealand Residency, my adviser Sergey, Eve and the team at North Shore Immigration. Thanks for them doing a fabulous job. Originally, I would presume that it takes a long time to get my residency, but the miracle happened. When they emailed me that my residence has been approved by the Case Manager, I was so surprised and could not even believe that everything has been done in less than two months’ time. I think one of the most important reasons for this success is that North Shore Immigration is very professional in dealing all the evidence, documents and information that New Zealand Immigration requires. Also, their service made me and my partner satisfied and happy at all times. Therefore, I want to say a big thanks to North Shore Immigration that without you, it would have been very difficult for me to achieve my goaland settle in New Zealand. In addition, I will suggest to my friends and relatives to turn to your professional help regarding their Visa and their application for New Zealand residency.

Kind regards,
Michelle Chen

Danielle, Darren, Jessica & Isabelle Bale - UK

To Peter, Simona, Sergey & everyone:

We just wanted to say thank you for your time, support, help and consideration. You have been an absolute delight to deal with and been very understanding and patient.

Thank you truly from Danielle, Darren, Jessica & Isabelle Bale
January 2013 - UK

Carl Liebenberg - South Africa

Moving job, moving home, moving schools, moving countries – all very stressful events in their own right. When you lump them all together …. you cannot imagine the stress unless you have walked the path. What I am trying to say is that immigration is stressful. That is why I recommend you use an Immigration Consultant to assist with the red and other tape i.e. reduce the stress. The one I used and recommend to all is North Shore Immigration. They have a professional team that is knowledgeable and well connected to deal with Immigration and the other challenges that crop up. Some will recommend to ‘do it yourself’ – yes that is an option, if you are prepared to go through the steep learning curve with plenty iterations. For my money – get it done first time – use North Shore Immigration, you can trust them to get on with it and get you settled in New Zealand.

Carl Liebenberg
December 2012 - South Africa

Mark. Arunee & Tyrin - Thailand

To Simona & Team,

Thank you from the deepest of our hearts.
Job well done.

From: Mark. Arunee & Tyrin
August 2012, Thailand

Wayne - South Africa

Hi Simona,

Just wanted to thank you for your awesome performance. It is much appreciated and you now have a raving fan (not lunatic). Will spread the word.

Wayne August 2012, South Africa

Trista Hill - Canada


Thank you so much for your relentless efforts on my visa. Fantastic work!

Trista and the rest of the Hill family!
July 2012, Canada

Gaby - Mexico


Thank you so much for all your help. We couldn’t be happier!!
Gaby ,
June 2012, Mexico

Pablo - Mexico


Thank you for everything my friend, this would not be possible without your help and your amazing service. We will never forget you!

June 2012, Mexico

Denis Golubev - Russia

Hi Sergey,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your professionalism and a great work which has been done in relation to my residence visa application. I know that my case was rather a difficult one, especially at the time of EOI consideration. I have to say that there is nothing like dealing with you. I can't help admiring you and North Shore Immigration Services.

Best regards,
Denis Golubev
May 2012, Russia

Daya Prasad - India

“Ms Simona is responsible in her work. We are satisfied with this company for our immigration.”

Daya Prasad
April 2012, India - China

Chris & Uta - South Africa

Dear Simona & Sergey,

Our sincere thanks for all your efforts on our behalf in seeing us though the process of submitting our applications. It’s a wonderful milestone for us and we gratefully acknowledge the part you played in attaining it.

Kind regards,
Chris & Uta
April 2012, South Africa

Alexandru Vasile - Romania

"My story is a complicated one and full of surprises. I came to New Zealand full of confidence that I will find a job in no time and get my work permit and residency in less than a year. After a few months in South Island I saw that things are not exactly like that and finding a job is not that easy as I thought will be. Immigration Department of New Zealand was there not to help me but to make things more complicated. After I finally found a job another quest started: “to get the work permit from Immigration. Lucky for me I had Simona to help me out and her interventions got me a temporary 3 months’ work permit until Immigration done their checking.
North Shore Immigration (Simona) stood by me the whole road from the moment I started searching for jobs until now when we went over the finish line. Late calls, online availability, quick answers and fast movement when needed are just a few of the services offered to us. We are very happy with how the things worked between us and we recommend that to everyone interested in a safe journey towards their goal. Thanks one more time guys and we hope you will keep offer your amazing services to the world." - March 2012
Alex Vasile, Romania

"Povestea mea este una complicata si plina de surprize. Am venit in New Zealand foarte increzator ca am sa gasesc un job imediat si am sa obtin permisul de munca si rezidenta in mai putin de un an. Dupa cateva luni petrecute in insula de sud am vazut ca lucrurile nu sunt chiar asa si sa gasesti un job nu este asa usor cum am crezut ca va fi. Immigration New Zealand nu a fost acolo ca sa ma ajute ci pentru a face lucrurile mai complicate. Cand am gasit in sfarsit un loc de munca o alta provocare a aparut: sa iei permisul de munca de la emigrari. Norocul meu a fost Simona care m-a ajutat iar interventiile ei mi-au adus un permis temporar pentru 3 luni pana emigrarile au terminat cu verificarile.
North Shore Immigration au fost langa mine pe tot parcursul drumului din momentul din care am inceput sa caut de munca pana acum cand am trecut linia de sosire. Telefoane tarzii, disponibilitate online, raspunsuri rapide si interventii rapide cand a fost nevoie sunt doar cateva din serviciile oferite noua. Suntem foarte fericiti de cum au mers lucrurile intre noi si recomandam tuturor interesati intr-o calatorie sigura catre tinta lor.

Multumim inca odata si speram ca veti continua sa oferiti lumii serviciile voastre nemaipomenite." - Martie 2012
Alexandru Vasile, Romania

Gary Wilkins - South Africa

Whenever we make a huge financial or life-changing decision, we are wracked with worry about whether the people that we trust to advise us are of the best ... or – at the very least -- have our interests at heart. This probably goes more for an immigration advisor than pretty much anyone else one may rely on ... almost as much as, say, a doctor whom we trust to advise us when ill -- or a lawyer whom we trust to act on our behalf in a civil or criminal lawsuit.
When we need an immigration advisor, we are usually at our most vulnerable. Strangers in a strange land where the customs of the locals – and the government – are alien, and often incomprehensible, to us. Usually unsure of ourselves, often needing transport, accommodation and employment, who do we turn to? How do we know that the people with whom we deal are competent ... or even trustworthy? By the recommendation of someone who was once in your position.
And that someone is me.
Having been very badly burned by a so-called immigration advisor on the Shore, I was in dire straits until NSIS was recommended to me by friends. Needless to say, I was cynical about approaching another company. Once bitten ... Because of my unusual position, I had little hope. Through a unique combination of circumstances I was not in a good position to be a potential Kiwi. Over the normal age of acceptance, yet to be permanently employed and lacking in the requisite immigration points, things were looking pretty bleak for me.
However, Simona Woodberg and her team at NSIS then got to work on my case. Long story short, it has been a long, hard uphill battle, I’ll admit, but on the 15th of December 2011, I received that phone call telling me that my dream of becoming a Kiwi is about to be realised.
I have not touched the ground, since.

Thank you, Simona, and all at North Shore Immigration Services. You are lifesavers.

Gary Wilkins.
Glen Eden
January 2012, Waitakere , South Africa

Andrew, Emma, Benjamin, Charlotte & Eloise Young - UK

Hi Simona,

I would like to thank you & your team at North Shore Immigration Services for the outstanding work you have done for me & my family over the past 2 & a half years.

Your company was recommended to us by both our family already residing in NZ & from another of your customers. As you can appreciate, moving to another country is in itself a daunting task, though this combined with having another 4 family members to process & the incredibly complex & often changing NZ Immigration regulations, NSIS has helped considerably to reduce the stress in such a long & drawn out process.

Whilst contracted to be our agent you have sucessfully processed 8 work permits & 6 student visas with a 100% sucess rate! In addition, filed a family residency application & efficiently managed this application over the past 2 years - hopefully the result we should receive soon will add to this success!

You have often put yourself out, visiting me at my place of work & allowing me to call by your office after hours in order to ensure Immigration deadlines are always met. Going that extra mile, coupled with your friendly & assuring nature had been a key factor in making NSIS such a sucess for you & your dedicated team.

I would like to take this opportunity to pass on our gratitude for providing us with a top class service, keep up the good work.....

Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Yours sincerely,
Andrew, Emma, Benjamin, Charlotte & Eloise Young
June 2011, UK

Tony, Val and Candice Cunningham - South Africa

Dear Simona,

May we extend our deepest gratitude to you and the expert staff at North Shore Immigration for going the extra mile while representing our case through the particularly difficult process of obtaining New Zealand residency.

During our attempts at completing the process ourselves and failing to be accepted, we became aware that our case was not as straightforward as we initially thought and that without expert help we would be faced with having to leave New Zealand.

We are also acutely aware that without your skillful level of negotiation, persistence and determined efforts our case would have been lost.

Now that we consider ourselves settled residents, we would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone embarking on the difficult process of immigration.

May we prevail upon you to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the dedicated staff at North Shore Immigration and trust that you will continue your excellent work far into the future.

Your clients, with gratitude,
Tony, Val and Candice Cunningham - South Africa
Bayview, Auckland


Simona has helped my wife to obtain a work visa and then permanent residency. She is very careful in details and familiar with immigration requirements. She filed a solid and complete application and we successfully obtained the residency a few months earlier than expected.


Gagan Sekhon - India

I was really down and hopeless when I rang for an appointment at your office courtesy Yellow Pages.Your vibrant personality, reassuring but clear advice lifted up my spirits .Websites and chat forums don't always tell us what goes into intricate immigration details which I found luckily in your service.I was luckier even that you assisted me in getting job offer as well besides attending immigration interviews on my behalf and forcefully presenting my case.To be honest I do owe my residency, job and the peace of mind I have now in my adopted country because if you hadn't shown trust and understanding in me, maybe I wouldn't pulled myself up to that level. No words are enough for your help, moral support and technical knowledge of immigration. I will always recommend people your service which is the best technically and reasonably priced comparative to overhyped agents.
Thanks Simona for showing me light at the end of the tunnel.

Nita Brink - South Africa

I just want to say thank you sooo much for all the help and the assistance, the listening to my "story" and the support, it helped a lot to cope with the process.

Kind regards
Nita Brink, South Africa


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